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    Yeah, it is.

    Code as it stands at present:

    [!WebLoginPE? &type=`simple`&liHomeId=`38`!]

    **** New Info ****
    Am experiencing these problems on IIS/PHP 5 server, snippet runs great on Linux/PHP 4 server.
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      I am not sure this really qualifies as a bug in WebLoginPE (which is great by the way), but it is something I encountered and thought others might have also.

      When running the password reminder/activation page, I cut the activation code from the email, paste it into the activation key field of the form, enter my new passwords, submit the form and am told the activation key or passwords do not match.

      After looking into it (and putting some printing in the code) I found that the pasted activation key carried an extra space! Since this is a typical user action, I decided to fix my local copy by adding trim() to each of the password checks (activationKey, activationPW, cacheKey, cachePW). It worked just fine then.

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        Bug affecting version 1.3.1 (and maybe others)

        If the database field content is blank for a given placeholder, like [+view.some_custom_field+], the placeholder is not replaced by blank content like we would expect.

        If you want to display something different wether the field is empty or not, you cannot test for empty [+view.your_custom_field+].

        Our snippet in a WebloginPE template:
        [[Url_site_web? &url_site_web=`[+view.url_site_web+]` ]]

        Wrong way to test for empty field:
          if ($url_site_web) {   // This test won't work.
             echo "The website url is ".$url_site_web;
          } else {
             echo "No website url given.";

        Correct way to test for empty field:
        if ($url_site_web == '[+view.url_site_web+]') {
          return  'No website url given.';
        } else {
          return 'The website url is '.$url_site_web; 

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          Had this old saving edits to a profile issue on a fresh install of MODxEvo 1.5 and WebLoginPE. Everything else was perfect: login, logout, registration, custom table, custom fields, etc.

          Quote from: Gav at May 26, 2009, 11:23 PM

          I also followed the advice above and altered a couple of the buttons by adding the word "simple" to the value string:
          <button type="submit" id="wlpeSaveProfileButton" name="service" value="saveprofilesimple">Save</button>
          <button type="submit" id="wlpeProfileDeleteButton" name="service" value="deleteprofilesimple">Delete My Profile</button>

          This one change fixed everything.

          Probably does not qualify as a bug, but it would save folks just starting out with MODx (like me) a lot of headache if the documentation and default templates for WebLoginPE could be updated to reflect this issue.

          It’s a great Add-on BTW - Thanks Dr. Scottie Delicious
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            I have the same problem as @curmudgeon61.
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