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  • Quote from: chip-h at Jan 23, 2019, 06:16 PM
    Quote from: tm2000 at Sep 13, 2017, 08:51 AM

    UPDATE: I found online that there is a replacement for TinyMCE called TinyMCE Rich Text Editor (tinymcerte-1.2.0-pl).
    The one that I had installed was called TinyMCE (tinymce-4.3.4-pl).
    I removed the old one, and installed the new one - and hey presto - problem solved!!!

    I realize I'm late to the party but wanted to confirm that switching to TinyMCE Rich Text Editor still fixes the problem on 2.6.5. I was pulling out what's left of my hair over this.

    Glad to hear it - I love to know that I'VE finally solved someone else's problem for once - It's normally the other way around! (love this community!)