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  • I don't know what the plans with Discuss 2 are, just that it's on github. In terms of maintenance, I'm betting on Discuss 1 for now tongue
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      Ha yeah I am not holding my breath. Thanks for telling me clearly. I do hope that it comes out eventually though, so it can be properly tested and bug-fixed. Then the fun from my point of view can begin ;-)

      Rainbowtiger, Discuss is not the easiest solution without a doubt, but I do believe it is viable. Its not for everyone, if the client needs a straightforward solution without much customization or special features then Discuss is probably not the way to go.

      The steps to install and get it up and running are all here in this sub-forum, and over the last months, as I said, several people have gotten started with a little effort and a couple of new threads in this forum. It is true that some solutions did not work perfectly, but I think Discuss is one of the most extendable options out there.

      When I said legwork I didn't mean getting a standard install up and running, but comparatively minor stuff like a system for giving gold to users, user classes or levels, social interaction, these things are all missing and must be custom coded. With other systems its definitely easier to add at least some of these types of features.

      So far I have found that the structure of Discuss allows custom code to be applied in a direct way, which has made these projects pretty cheap and easy. I have put up a tool for grabbing dynamic post and thread data (not my coding) and that was much easier to create and implement than I thought (it helps when BobRay shines a light in the right direction). Just the other day my friend implemented icons connected to the number of posts of a user, and it only took him a short time because the code can go right in the proper template.
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        Ok we got confirmation that Discuss is ok with the new Revo version, at least for one user.


        I am making a comment over at github now ;-)