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    I use FDM for this same purpose
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    • Actually, you could use Ditto, with a form in the Ditto tpl and AJAX, but it would certainly be taking the long way around when there’s existing snippets like PubKit and FDM.
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        So is Quick Edit available in Revolution? If so how do I get it onto my website. I totally agree this is an excellent feature that I use to sell MODx to clients. And only having spent 1 day on Revolution to find no Quick Edit on my website I have been considering taking Revolution off and uploading the old version with Quick Edit on it.

        Do I need to do this or is there a way to get Quick Edit in Revolution?

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          Although something like QuickEdit is entirely possible in Revolution, no one has done the conversion yet. I’m working on a version of NewsPublisher for Revolution that will offer the option of a simple edit button in the front end, but I don’t know when it will be available because I’m working on t a bunch of other things at the same time.
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          • There’s a couple of front end editors floating around as previews, but nothing pushed out to the package management yet. That said, they do work.
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              Frontpage is available as an add on, QM/Pubkit clone.
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