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  • Don't worry about the amount of users who will attend too much, this is purely for you to share ideas and spread the word. If you decide on a format that will bring enhancement to MODX as a product and share with the MODX community and other communities, you would then get more users attending for these reasons.

    Think outside of the box and not think these meetups are only for MODX users, these meetups are for people you want to introduce MODX to, people who heard but haven't actually used MODX and users of other platforms.
    • I'm more than happy to travel up to Manchester and help get a meet up off the ground. For info, I'm arranging one in Newbury, Berkshire, on February 26th, so if there's anyone in that area please get in touch. Venue is close to A4/M4/A34 and with plenty of parking. Will post more details in due course.
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      • Tim Butterworth, MODX Ambassador Reply #23, 8 years, 8 months ago
        And to add to the numbers .... I am in on this as well - I am just outside Preston towards Manchester and so that location or somewhere near will be ideal. I am with Mark .... just because there are < 20 is not an issue ... let's start with that and get a 'northern' contingent up and running.
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        • Hi,

          I could also try and make a trip to a meet up in Manchester, I have also just become a MODx Ambassador based in Leicester and will be looking to setup a meeting soon in either Leicester or Birmingham or depending on numbers I would like to do a rotating meet-up in each city.

          I'm looking forward to getting this all started, and will like to get to meet more MODx users along with meeting Helen and Silent Works also smiley


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          • Let me know if there is any way we can help get the word out about meetups in Manchester and etc. Happy to help any way I can.
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            • Quote from: markh at Dec 01, 2012, 03:32 AM
              How many people do you think you need for a succesful meetup? smiley I'm seeing plenty of positive feedback in this thread that provides a solid base to grow attendance over time. You dont need 20 folks a first, second or third time

              Here here.

              I'm a member of a WordPress user group here in Sheffield (*dodges rotten fruit) and although in the past we've sometimes had meeting with just 4 or 5 people, it's always been worthwhile and now we have a much better turnout.

              From small shoots sprout great trees, or some contrived nonsense like that...
              • And what exactly is wrong with Sheffield? wink