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  • Quote from: Gav at Feb 27, 2016, 08:30 PM
    Can anyone direct me to the docs for Google Analytics Dashboard Widget - how to run and configure it? I can't even see the basic snippet call, if it is a snippet?...

    This Extra is a Dashboard widget, not an Element (Chunk, Snippet, Plugin, etc)

    Hope this helps:

    1. Hover on settings (gear icon) in top-right corner
    2. Click 'Dashboards'
    3. Right-click on dashboard to update (likely 'Default'), and click 'Update Dashboard'
    4. Click 'Place Widget' button
    5. Select 'Google Analytics' widget from dropdown, and click 'Save'
    6. (optional) Drag and Drop or manually change Rank value to re-order the Analytics widget to desired placement
    7. Click 'Save'
    8. Click MODX logo in top-left (e.g. browse to your dashboard)
    9. Click 'Get your authorization code now' link in widget
    10. If necessary, login to desired Google Account. Click 'Allow' to grant authorization access.
    11. Copy the code on the page, then paste it into the input field in the widget on your MODX dashboard.
    12. Click 'Authorize' button
    13. It should then show a dropdown of available websites / Google Analytics Profiles. Select the one you want, and click 'Submit'
    14. Voila!

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      Thanks for sharing such a useful post. It really helped me in learning some great stuffs.