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      Quote from: aour at Oct 30, 2005, 09:38 AM


      Some Moron, it’s here :



      Ahh, thank you so much for the link. I appreciate it.
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        Quote from: OpenGeek at Aug 13, 2005, 07:18 PM

        We have an SMF module that goes a little deeper and syncronizes user accounts and allows custom configuration of the module; it’s still being tested and tweaked for implementation on this MODx CMS site.  It will be available in the very near future, as an example of the power of Modules.  In addition, I plan on doing something similar for a WordPress module, once I find some time to do so.

        I am so happy to hear that. This developed module is the entire reason I am most likely going to switch from WordPress to MODx.

        I have learned from the past couple of weeks that phpbb is a TERRIBLE forum solution for those who are trying to create a more personalized and tight knit community. I had to install mod after mod to get to the feature equivalent of SMF and I even had to install mods FOR mods for them to work properly. I also had to add even MORE mods for added security. Phpbb is a script kiddie’s dream; it’s so full of security holes...any wannabe hacker brat could just look up the appropriate scripts to send a crippling attack on any phpbb forum that hasn’t been specially modded with extra security features. I did everything from changing the name of my admin folder to changing the name of my database prefix to encrypting my config file.

        But what’s worse of all is that I had heavily modded the source code so much, that it was a bitch to upgrade to 2.0.18. And not only that, but it seems the new login function they incorporated into the code is creating errors left and right. I have to refresh the web page each time the error pops up. Very stressful. I couldn’t even send out a mass email to my members informing them of the actual error so they wouldn’t panic.

        I ended up throwing in the towel: I backed up the database and disabled the board until I could find a better forum solution.

        The only reason I choose phpbb is because I found a WordPress plugin that integrates its comment system into phpbb. So whenever I make a blog post, it also posts a new thread in a designated forum and the permalink page for the blog post links to that created thread for comments. With all of the trouble I have had with phpbb...it’s just not worth it.

        I stumbled upon SMF and was estatic! It had all the features I wanted and then some, without the need of modding. I then searched for some sort of WordPress integration, but no luck.

        Came upon this place and saw that SMF was integrated into this very nice and simple-to-use CMS. I tried to find a module download link, but then found out that it hasn’t even been released yet!

        I guess in a nutshell, just wanted to say that I am not the only person looking very forward to this module. I will probably be checking this place everyday until it is released...because this is the only solution I can find right now that fits my blogging and forum needs. I would of tried mambo, but it is too heavy and clunky and its ability to act as a blog and a flexible CMS is next to nil.

        *gets on her hands and knees* Oh please, please, please try to release some form of this module sooooon! *bats eyelashes!*

        A way for all blog posts to be mirrored into a forum with its own thread for commenting would be fantastic...as well as group settings that integrate into both softwares and of course the much-needed login integration.

        Thank you very much for giving me hope that I can still have a nice blog/forum system on my space without having to settle for second best!