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  • Hello,

    I'm now blocked out but the blockeduntil is already set to 0. What do you think I can do if that happens ?

    Maybe there is a way to flush sessions ?

    Best regards,
    • How come I can login with Firefox and Safari, but since I did the upgrade to the new ModX version with Chrome, I can't login with Chrome anymore?!
      I don't get an error message, I just always end up at the login screen again with Chrome...
      • Hey guys I hope someone can help me!!

        Does the "Forgot your Login?" link work??? I have been entering my email a few times and I am not receiving any emails.

        I went to PHP Admin - but i forgot my password there too. I cant get into My PHP ADMIN - i dont know why?

        Back to modx - Is there a way I can receive my password without going through the server?
        • You can't retrieve your password (even with PhpMyAdmin) because it's encoded in the DB.

          The PhpMyAdmin credentials are usually the same as your cPanel Login. If not, you'll have to ask your host to reset your PhpMyAdmin password.

          Once you can get into PhpMyAdmin, you can follow the tutorial, or if that doesn't work, you can create a new, separate installation of the exact same version of MODX (anywhere). Go into that new DB with PhpMyAdmin, select the modx_users table and look at the first record (that's you).

          In another browser window, open the broken install's DB in PhpMyAdmin and carefully cut and paste all the fields, one-by-one from the first record in the modx_users table from the new install into the same record of your broken version of MODX.

          Then, delete all the files in the core/cache directory (if you're using Revolution) and you should be back in business.

          PLEASE, PLEASE specify the version of MODX you are using.
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          • Wow that was an hour of my life i never want to relive, while experimenting with creating new users i deleated one that had the same name as me, but a different login name - and it deleted the lot!

            very new to Modx (and loving it!) so i only had one account on, anyway - long story short thanks to this thread i sorted it out by renaming a few tables that were laying around from a previous look at revo within the database and hey presto i was back in - lucky i remembered my testing password from before, i would of hated to have to do a second install.

            so thanks for the help, I'm now going to lay for a bit to recover, that was scary
            • Setting blocked to 0 in Revo 2.3.2 not working :{

              Im looked out as the admin
              • Setting blocked to 0 in Revo 2.3.2 not working :{

                Im looked out as the admin

                **resolved - deleted cache folder items