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  • I have Modx 2.3.3-pl installed on two sites on the same CPanel hosted server. I last used one them in March and they all worked. Yesterday I went back to work on one site, say A, and am getting the timeout issues. I login to manager and within 15-30 seconds am asked to login again with a your session timed out. I do that, do some work and a very short time later have to login again. I've gone through the old forum posts as well as other references and applied the PHP fixes (add values to change location of session in .htaccess) but they had no effect. I also did a repair on the modx_session table and cleared cache as well as flush sessions from Manager and deleted entries in the sessions table. What is strange is that one install of Modx on site B works fine without timeouts and Site a worked fine in March. I'm at a loss since the most common cause is the php timeouts but the fixes had no effect and would appreciate any ideas.

    My provider is running CPanel with PHP 5.4.38

    Thank you.

    6/10/2015 - More information. If all I do is edit Resources or elements then I do not get a time out. However if I view a resource, say the home page, or go to the home page of the site in another tab when I return as soon as I click on something I have to login again.

    I've tried all the fixes with the PHP ini files and none have worked. I really do not want to do a full install again and have it work for some period of time and then quit again when this site is in production.

    More strangeness. I am working in Chrome with the Manager and if I view the home page or open it in another tab, then close it I get the request to login again when I go back to the manager. If I open the site in another browser, IE 11, I do not get the login request when I go back to the Manger. However, if I run the Manager in IE and view or open the site I get the same issues I see in Chrome. This is beyond my ken!

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    • I found this link


      which discusses modx095 and I did find that I'm using the modSessionhandler on the site so it's not a PHP issue then. Given that I do not get the issue when I open the site in another browser that is different from the one the Manager is running in and I don't get the error it has to be some kind of browser issue.