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  • Hi Jason,

    The main issue I'm struggle with is that I can't manage formfields.
    When open MxFormfield in the backend and I click on a 'Manage FormFields'-button the formfields are not showing up. Instead of that I get a page refresh to the frontends homepage.

    • Hi again Jason,

      I just found a workaround.... When I need to edit the formfields of a form, first I need to clear the sites cache.
      Then I open the MxFormBuilder administrator panel and quickly click on a 'Edit formfields'-button, before a new style pops over the MxFormBuilder area.

      This is a bad solution for my costumer, but at least I can edit formfields.

      • I am attempting to reach out to Charles directly to see whats up.
          "One of these days I will get around to my own website... Its only been about 12 years... maybe tomorrow smiley"
        • Quote from: charless at Aug 17, 2014, 05:25 AM
          @exside, yeah it was intended to be a premium at one point that's why no easy public repo. I can however get you to a private one.

          I need to find the root cause for the menu issue, its intermittent in all my efforts.


          Charles I just did a fresh install and a basic form with text fields with submission seems to work. I did have to add a no-cache tag to the mxfb however ... [[!mxfb?&formid=`1`]] .. to get it to properly post and refresh back to form after post.

          That being said if I try any of the elements that offer multi selection the window that open "appears" blank. Its not blank but rather 6000+px wide. If you resize the window through the inspector to something like 900px you can see the input fields and set them.. they then save.

          I have not spent more than 30 min with this so not sure of other bugs but this seems to be inline with at least one of the other posts on this topic of a blank window.
            "One of these days I will get around to my own website... Its only been about 12 years... maybe tomorrow smiley"
          • I'll open a private repo to anyone who would like to contribute to the 2.3 build. I have not had a chance to tackle this yet with other projects in the pipeline. Please send me a PM if you'd like access.

            Apologies to everyone in the delay for 2.3 support.

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