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  • For the sitemap create a template called sitemap and add the following into it

    Now create a resource called sitemap, assign it to the template and change the content type to xml and save
    • To add the robots follow info, you can add this to your header:
      <meta name="robots" content="[[+seoTab.robotsTag]]">

      Adding old URLs does work as far as I can tell. It is too bad that it doesn't automatically know when the resource alias has changed.
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      • Just installed the pakkage Seo Tab 1.1.2, but after setting the settings I want and saving, there are no meta tags inserted in the head of the pages.
        Tried different pages, with different templates, but no success.
        Or do I have to create the sitemap first ?

        • I found a couple of things are needed for the Sitemap function to work:

          1. Enable Friendly URLs:
          Go to System Settings
          In the "Search by key..." field type: friendly_urls (Hit enter)
          Set the value for "Use Friendly URLs" to: yes

          2. Have the .htaccess file in the webroot:
          Rename the provided file ht.access to .htaccess

          3. Make Apache use the .htaccess file:
          Edit your httpd.conf/httpd-vhosts.conf file and find the host/virtualhost of your site
          Add the Option "AllowOverride All" to the Directory definition:
          <Directory "/var/www/my.modx.site">
          AllowOverride All

          4. Restart/Reload Apache

          5. In Resources click "New Static Resource"
          On the "Static Resource" pane:
          Title: Sitemap
          Uses Template: (empty)
          Resource Alias: sitemap
          Static Resource: [[!StercSeoSiteMap]]
          Published: Yes

          On the "Settings" pane:
          Resource Type: Document
          Content Type: XML
          Rich Text: No
          Cacheable: No
          Empty Cache: Yes


          Now browse to http://my.modx.site/sitemap.xml

          Best regards
          • Does anyone have any insight as to how to get the 301 redirects to work? I've added the 301 Redirect to each page via the tab, but when I navigate to the old page, a 401 comes up. File not found.

            Let me know.
            • Hi Folks

              I realise an age has passed but I've recently began using this Extra, which so far seems to
              work satisfactorily.

              However, does anyone know how to prohibit user groups from using/seeing the tab?
              As documented, I've gone into the SEOtab System Prefs and filled in the
              'Hide SEO tab from these usergroups'
              Unfortunately, this also causes the tab to disappear for me, the Super User.
              Even when I remove myself from that particular user group, this still happens.

              Any pointers would be appreciated.

              Many thanks

              My setup:
              MODX latest (2.5.8)
              MAMP (3.4)
              PHP (5.6.10)
              MySQL (5.5.42)
              Chrome: Std and Canary (latest versions)
              MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
              • Looking at the code, it looks like it just hides the tab for anyone who is a member of any of the excluded user groups. Did you flush permissions and sessions after removing yourself from the group before testing? Did you test from another browser where you're not logged in to the Manager?
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                • Hi Bob

                  Yes I tried all the standard suggestions.
                  It seemed by putting anything in the SEOtab exclusion tab within the System Settings, excluded me at the same time,
                  which didn't make a lot of sense to me.
                  However after much reading and fiddling (and gnashing of teeth) I managed to work out using a combo of ACLs and form customisation rules, the simple concept of putting the same resource into more than one Resource Group; thus allowing me to isolate that resource and give it differing permissions i.e. to exclude those User Groups from that Resource Group but without compromising my access.
                  I cannot fully explain the logic behind what I did as yet but I think I'm getting there.

                  Thanks again
                  • I sounds like you're getting it sorted (no thanks to me). wink
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                      Bob's Guides is now hosted at A2 MODX Hosting