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    Hi Charles,

    thank you for this great add-on!

    Two things...

    I had a problem with checkboxes in the email send, values were empty. Just a 'value is an array' message in Error Log.
    so i changed 'core/componenents/mxformbuilder/model/mxformbuilder/mxformbuilder.class.php' line 1263f to:

    if ($field['type'] !== 'buttonsubmit' && $field['type'] !== 'buttonreset' && $field['type'] !== 'button') {
      $label = $field['name'];
      $value = $properties[$properties['root']][0][$field['mapping']];
      if($field['staticrule'] !== 'spambot'){
          if (!is_array($value)) {
            $tr.='<tr><td valign="top">'.$label.'</td><td valign="top">'.nl2br($value).'</td></tr>'.PHP_EOL; 
            $alllist[] = $field['mapping'].'='.$value;
          } else {
            $tr.='<tr><td valign="top">'.$label.'</td><td valign="top">';
            foreach ($value as $key => $value2) {
              $tr.= $value2.'<br>';

    For HTML5 it is no longer valid to bind a label to an input with name="", instead we have to use id=""
    again for checkboxes I changed the itemTpl label part to:

    <label[[+mxfb.field.type:eq=`checkboxmulti`:then=``:else=` for="[[+mxfb.field.name]]"`]]>[[+mxfb.field.label]] [[+mxfb.field.isrequired:is=`1`:then=`<span>*</span>`:default=`[[+mxfb.field.staticrule:notempty=`<span>*</span>`]] `]]</label>

    and added id to all input elements

    Hope that helps

    • robertk thanks for the feedback
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