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  • The long answer is, No.

    I suspect the way this Extra was integrated forces only one kind of core (aka you have to wait for the developer to update)

    This is the reason I designed TinymceWrapper to use CDN. The Editor's core and plugins are always latest and infinitely detached from what we call MODX.
    This gives users room to downgrade/upgrade at will.

    If all fails you, I say switch to TinyMCE

      TinymceWrapper: Complete back/frontend content solution.
      Harden your MODX site by passwording your three main folders: core, manager, connectors and renaming your assets (thank me later!)
      5 ways to sniff / hack your own sites; even with renamed/hidden folders, burst them all up, to see how secure you are not.
    • Hi @danya_postfactum and thanks for this amazing plugin!

      Is it possible to implement a custom config from the builder ? https://ckeditor.com/cke4/builder

      Actually I'd like to use Bootstrap 3 buttons and tables.

      Again thanks a lot!
        Webdesigner and musician.
      • Мужик, я тебя люблю, спасибо за обновление! Не забывай пожалуйста про него.
        • Suggest how to change the font in the editor window?