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  • ...when you start organizing your To Do lists in the form of MODx System Events:


    • Begin preparing the meal, starting with [[$DicingThePeppers]].
    • Wish you had "Duplicate" feature, or custom OnDicedPepper event.
    • Search for MODX Extras in hopes of completing the job faster.
    • Open feature request, Discuss forum thread, and GitHub Pull Request.
    • Post #MODX tweet with links to all three.


    • Check Twitter for replies to your #MODX posts.
    • Gobble-up quickly to get back to MODX-ing.


    • Login to the Manager for one last, quick update.
    • Check the MODX Project Tracker for new features or recently squashed "uberbugs"
    • Check Twitter for replies to your #MODX posts.


    • [[!dreamOf@PropertySets? &MODXCloud=`OneClickUpgrades` &NewMODXReleases=`MODX-2.4.1-PL`]]
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    • ...when you realize the real work of getting paid for coding for other companies is backing up behind long, unpaid, prime-time hours spent trying to understand and master the environment.
      ...when your own products are no longer getting coding time because you're having too much fun poking in the bowels of MODx.
      ...when shutting down the development system is just a prelude to crawling into bed ... and turning on the kindle to keep reading about MODx.
      ...when there are too many things you know you could add to this thread but you're too embarrassed to continue.
        Loved ModX when I was using it a few years ago. Shifted to WordPress, sorry. Thanks, all.
      • When your "pillow talk" consists of extolling the virtues of MIGx, and your SO understands what you're talking about because MODx is almost all you've talked about for years, or when nobody is surprised to find you online in the forums at 3 AM.
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        • Lo and behold, I say unto you, we shall all be changed, in the twinkling of a code at the last modx3 call. For modx3 will come forth and the sites will be raised imperishable.
          • And all shall see her beauty and bow in fear and trembling, for to few only has been given the light to penetrate the core or the understanding to grasp the depth and flexibility of her code.
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