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    This is really troublesome reading. I have similar setup on Sites and now experiencing strange behavior. It started with getResources not functioning and now I'm getting 500s. Any news on this?
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      Dude you're wasting your time with RS Sites & MODX. pyrographics said it perfectly. We're in the middle of moving our client's site over while leaving mail to rackspace mail.

      good luck1
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        We've since been moving things to a cloud server setup. We may leverage the cloud databases service as well, sounds like that is pretty sweet, and my system admin moonlights for us, his day job is working for Oracle on the Mysql team, and he recommended the cloud databases to us.

        I've gotten no practical help from Rackspace, because to them it's the app's (modx) fault. And possibly rightly so, maybe modx hits the filesystem too much, I don't know.

        For a quick fix while still on cloud sites, try renaming the cache directory, cache.old or something. Do this because if the site is higher usage, you can't delete the cache fast enough, it keeps getting regenerated.
        If that doesn't work, try moving the site to a new IP. Find a MODx site on CloudSites that is working fine, and change the DNS to it's IP, it should work fine. Test first using a hosts file update.

        I'll say this though, moving from cloudsites is for the better anyway. On a small 512mb cloud server I have 4 or 5 sites running, they run 2-3x faster, it's amazing, and the manager is nice and snappy.
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