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  • I'm seeing the endless save problem when trying to create a web link.

    It replicates on different browsers and in two different installs (2.3.1 trad) on the same server. Checking the WHM panel I'm not seeing Mod_Security installed.

    A thread here:- http://forums.modx.com/thread/93051/create-weblink-not-working#dis-post-508305

    A really need to get some stand alone php\js pages linked into the modx menu's and a weblink seemed the easiest way (unless anyone can suggest a work around?)

    Edit - it seems that I'm now unable save changes in snippets so the issue is wider than I expected sad

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    • It looks like it was a mod_security issue all along. My hosting company have added a couple of rules and things seem better now.
      • I guess there's still no real solution for this... I'm having it in all my browsers, for me I think it has to do with ACL's cause when logged has me (Administrator) I don't have this issue, but my client with less permission has this probleme, but wich one is it, cause MODX ACL'S are a pain to target and manipulate when something like this happens.

        cheers smiley
        • Does the client have new_weblink permission in their context access ACL entry for the mgr context?

          If that's not it, one possible solution is to give your client all the permissions in the relevant Policy. If that fixes it, you can start taking them away, one at a time, to find out which permission is causing the problem.
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          • I'm also having this issue and we have just isolated it to the extend that it happens in the newest shared hosting package that my hosting company offers. We realised that MODX sites on their "Next Generation" (https://blacknight.blog/next-generation-shared-hosting.html) shared hosting package have loads of issues with saving, resulting in that endless loop when you want to save a new resource or make any changes. It makes it pretty much unworkable.

            I have made a blank test install - no extras or anything. A simple, blank install with just the Base Template and I will get the endless saving loop if I try to save a new resource. If I refresh the page, the resource is saved. However, if I then try to change the template, e.g. to (empty), I get the loop again but this time on refresh get an error message and the template change has not been saved:

            Code: 0 communication failure

            Quick Update does let me change and save a template without any issues. However, neither of the two workarounds are acceptable to pass on to clients!

            A MODX site installed on their standard, older shared hosting package on the other hand works perfectly fine (they don't even sell that anymore but I still have an old account with access to it).

            The issue for me is that the NG hosting is preferable as it is a more stable platform and offers site isolation, preventing sites from being affected by traffic surges on other sites. It has made a great speed difference for us on non-MODX sites so we obviously would like them all hosted here. Anyway, for now I have no idea what might be causing the problem on the NG hosting but any suggestions are welcome or advice about what questions I should ask the hosting company to help identify it. Thanks!!
            • My observation is that about 90% of the time, this is an issue with mod_security. One test might be to duplicate the empty template and put some vanilla plain text in it (no HTML), then create a resource using that template, also with plain text to see if you can save it reliably. If you can, you can play with adding things to each to see what breaks it.

              Possibly there's something mod_security doesn't like in the BaseTemplate.
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              • I has the same "save" problem:

                The problem was plugin "TinyMCE 4.3.4". After the change "TinyMCE" to "TinyMCE Rich Text Editor 1.2.0-pl" i got no problems more.