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  • Quote from: sketchi at Nov 03, 2014, 10:02 AM
    1. How can I make the form for adding stores (or in my case locations) available in the front end? Perhaps formit2db, or is there a better way of doing it?

    If anyone else is looking for this, this seems to do the job for me:

    <form action="[[~[[*id]]]]" method="post" class="form">
    <input type="hidden" name="resource_id" id="resource_id" value="6" />
    Description:   <input type="text" name="description" id="description" value="[[!+fi.description]]" />
    Latitude:   <input type="text" name="latitude" id="latitude" value="[[!+fi.latitude]]" />
    Longitude:   <input type="text" name="longitude" id="longitude" value="[[!+fi.longitude]]" />
       <input type="submit" value="Submit" />

    If anyone is able to help me work out how to add the function to search coordinates by address as well, like the form in Manager has, that would be fabulous smiley
    • Hi
      Is the storelocator still actively maintained? there are several pullrequest on github (3 years!)
      And the package can't be found in the packagemanager on a 2.3.2pl REVO.

      • I have 512 stores. I generate the store by a php external procedure.
        Can i use the class of store manager by external php procedure ? Now i use the google api but sometimes Lat and Lang don't match.
        I see, maybe because i have more stores, the page of modx StoreLocator manager doesn't scroll.
        • On modx 2.4.0 i can't scroll the list of store on back end. You found e solution ?
          • Quote from: cristianb88 at Apr 19, 2016, 05:31 AM
            On modx 2.4.0 i can't scroll the list of store on back end. You found e solution ?
            I too am looking for the cause/solution for this, it also affects other CMP's. The content is there we just can't scroll to it anymore and the developer isn't supporting this extra any longer. I'd be willing to contribute to keep this extra relevant.
            • For others looking, adding this css into assets/components/storelocator/mgr/css/style.css gets around the scrolling issue:

              #storelocator-content {
              	max-height: 800px !important;
                  overflow: scroll;
              • Anyone having problem with StoreLocator and Google Maps API? I couldn't add addresses in the backend by using the StoreLocator extra. Google Maps API returned and error: MissingKeyMapError.

                Fixed for my installation by adding my API key to the javascript call:

                [line 44] $modx->regClientStartupScript('http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false&key=***my-api-key***');

                get your key at https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key#key

                Not the most elegant fix. A system setting for entering your own API key would be a nice addition smiley