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  • jamiecottrell Reply #21, 5 years ago
    Annoying eh?

    I got around this by simply placing this in the content section for the blog...

    • Instead of using [[+paging]] in your template you could use

      for example


      So you do not have to change the articles code which will be overwritten when an update occurs.
      • jamiecottrell Reply #23, 5 years ago
        Perfect. Thanks.
        • OK, I'm stumped.

          At the end of the articles list on the container page, I get an incomprehensible list of page numbers with no header:

          I have lots of pages so I'd like to eliminate everything but the next and previous page links (which I currently don't have).

          I thought the code that produces this was the getPostListingCall() method in the ArticlesContainer class, but when I have it return '' at the top, I still get the display above (even after manually clearing the cache).

          Any help appreciated.

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