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  • Hello Michael, nice to meet you. How has your experience been so far?
    • Hi, i have question
      • My website as never gone live, never been used. It was supposed to be a radio station, but now my plans have changed, i would like to change it into a shop. It will show the design, which has been specifically created for the client, along with all the content from the CMS when integrated with the ecommerce system. 2.Information pages: like Home, about us, contact us, all controlled through a CMS in the control panel. You can have un-limited number of content pages, and usually more you have, better it is for search engine rankings. This section comes with following tools & features: -a. Unlimited content pages.b. N-Tier architecture, allowing the client may create an infinite tree like structure.c. Content pages have facility to host flash video, images and other HTML data.3.Advanced Search. This module allows the customer to perform an in-depth search for different events and by price. This could also include reviews and ratings.4.Calendar - This will show all up and coming events. Website will host a dedicated calendar search on the home page of the website, which will allow users to select a from date and end date and search for events during that duration. 5.Event Categories. The website can host unlimited number of categories and sub categories, with un-restricted n-tier structure. Categories and sub-categories could be shown in a simple menu, or in a CSS drop down menu, which looks good and at the same time, a winner with Search Engines.For example, categories on this website could be type of events like Lovers rock, R&B, Revival Dubstep etc. Users on the website can either browse for events using category navigation or search via calendar. Under each category, users will see future events and past events. 6.Events. Website can host unlimited Events. This section will show events that have been set up on the website. Each event will have following details and each event will have their own page on the website. Event will have following details: -a. Event nameb. Short descriptionc. Long descriptiond. Event Date and Duration.e. Venuef. Ticket availability
        • That sounds good, you may want to look at minishop, https://modx.com/extras/package/minishop2, and there are a few other shop extras for Modx.

          For the calendar, its possible that Minishop includes this function, although i doubt it. In any case, there are several options for calendars, I haven't used them but for instance mxcalendar http://charlesmx.com/software/mxcalendar-revo.html
          • Люди, я только начал изучение данного CMS, не могу понять хоть кто то пишет с 0 сайты? я все видео-уроки которые видел там интеграция, скачивание шаблонов и тд. Мне "ёмае" нучится работать надо с платформой а не халтурить уже готовыми вариантами.
            • Hi my name is Louis and I am a new member of this forum! Hope to have some nice discussions and exchange knowledge with some of you smiley
              • Hey Louis, welcome to the community.
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                • Quote from: lkfranklin at Mar 12, 2018, 03:20 PM
                  Hey Louis, welcome to the community.
                  Thanks LK!