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    Quote from: garryn at Nov 04, 2009, 05:24 PM

    and do you have any other custom plugins that may be interfering with MM? To me, that looks suspiciously like a jQuery/Mootools conflict which would indicate that jQuery is not running in noConflict mode.
    Thanks Garry. It was another custom plugin we had going. Some bad javascript that wasn’t playing nice with others. Sorry all for the chaff in the forum.
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    • yama, I think the template file is just that: an example on which you can create your own widgets, and not meant for actual deployment or to provide any functionality.
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        In the event that anyone has wanted to rename the TVs section, as I did, here is the fix for that with 0.3.4 at least in Evo 1.0.0.

        In assets/plugins/managermanager/functions/sections.inc.php locate the tvs case around line 28 (it may be split across three lines).

        $output .= '$j("div#sectionTVsHeader").empty().prepend("'.jsSafe($newname).'");';

        $output .= '$j("div.tmplvars").prev("div").empty().prepend("'.jsSafe($newname).'");';

        Good luck!