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    Yes, a bit strange. I remember something like this fault occuring in my development testing of auditor analysis way back but I thought I’d cured it. I’ve not seen this in 1.0 or 1.1 on any of my test boxes. Anyway glad you worked it out, also thanks for posting this.
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      Has anyone been using the plugin recently? Any issues with the latest 1.0.2 ?
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        I have implemented the auditor-analysis tool just today. It took some editing (very little), but it works with MODX 1.0.4.

        In order to get it to function I had to replace every instance of the php function "split()" with "explode()". Since the author wasn’t using regular expressions, only a single delimeter, this solution works. The parameter type and order are the same from split() to explode(), so just drop it in.

        I am noticing four instances per document version, perhaps this is how it is supposed to work.
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          Where can I download this tool? The provided download link is broken: http://bitez.hobby-site.com/index.php?id=63&relPath=projects/modx-auditor-analysis

          This whole site is unavailable. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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            PM me with an email address and I'll supply you with a zip for it, I've been meaning to fix this for a while.

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