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  • Hello,

    Glad to hear it worked for you! I can’t claim credit for the theme, that goes to Gerhard of 1234.info. I just converted the template for use with MODx.

    You’re welcome to modify the template as you like, but it’s rather well coded and I guess to a degree overcoded so changing things isn’t going to be very easy, but it can be done.

    I guess you could put the login in the same area as the search box with enough work, but my suggestion would be to use something like this: http://web-kreation.com/index.php/tutorials/nice-clean-sliding-login-panel-built-with-jquery/ instead of trying to put the login in the search location.

    If you don’t have strong HTML/CSS skills I don’t think you will be happy with the results you get from trying to modify the template.

    Hope that helps some,
      Patrick | Server Wrangler
      About Me: Website | TweetsMODX Hosting
    • We’ve edited the site a little bit, and we we’re able to get images in the search bar, for Login and Register, but I was wondering how to making it recognize that your logged in and change the images to profile and logout?

      I’m looking at the login form code, webLoginEnter(document.loginfrm.cmdweblogin), and i’m assuming that this has something to do with recognizing that the user is logged in, correct? Could I just from this code, take out things that have to do with the form, and have it recognize that the user is logged in or not? Or might that not be possible?
      <!-- #declare:separator <hr> --> 
      <!-- login form section-->
      	<form method="post" id="loginfrm" action="[+action+]"> 
      			<input type="hidden" value="[+rememberme+]" name="rememberme" /> 
      			<p><label for="username">User: <input type="text" name="username" id="username" tabindex="1" onkeypress="return webLoginEnter(document.loginfrm.password);" value="[+username+]" /></label><!-- PASSWORD --><label for="password">Password: <input type="password" name="password" id="password" tabindex="2" onkeypress="return webLoginEnter(document.loginfrm.cmdweblogin);" value="[+password+]" /></label><label for="checkbox_1" class="checkbox">Remember me</label><input type="checkbox" id="checkbox_1" name="checkbox_1" tabindex="3" size="1" value="" [+checkbox+] onclick="webLoginCheckRemember()" /><input type="submit" value="[+logintext+]" name="cmdweblogin" class="button" /><a href="#" onclick="webLoginShowForm(2);return false;" id="forgotpsswd">Forget Your Password?</a><a href="[~17~]">New User? Click Here!</a></p>
      <!-- log out hyperlink section -->
      <p><a href="#">My Info</a></p>
      <p><a href="[+action+]" class="button">Logout</a></p>
      <!-- Password reminder form section -->
      <form id="loginreminder" method="post" action="[+action+]">
              <input type="hidden" name="txtpwdrem" value="0" />
              <p><label for="txtwebemail">Enter the email address: <input type="text" name="txtwebemail" id="txtwebemail" size="24" /></label></p>
              <p><label>To return to the login form, press the cancel button.</label></p>
          	<input type="submit" value="Submit" name="cmdweblogin" class="button" /> <input type="reset" value="Cancel" name="cmdcancel" onclick="webLoginShowForm(1);" class="button" style="clear:none;display:inline" />