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    Hello everyone,

    I am using WebLoginPE the first time and have the same problems as stated by Everett. I am wondering why other developers are not facing the same problems. Are we alle speaking of WebLoginPE 1.3.1 on MODx

    @Everet: Thanks for you last tipp, now at least I can handle editing the profile somehow.

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      Am having the same issue.

      Will attempt to see if using a single button improves things.

      • If anyone makes progress on this, please update the Wiki (find a relevant page in the category)

        Then we can share the discoveries we’ve made. I started several pages there
        I hear that Scotty has a new baby, so he’s busy with family matters for a while.
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          I’ve been looking at this issue for a couple of days now and realise that people are probably experiencing similar/related problems with different causes. On the off-chance that the results of my hours of screen-stare have been useful to someone, here’s some of what I have found:

          One thing I was doing was using a cut-down version of the $wlpeProfileTpl template in webloginpe.templates.php, so my snippet call was:
          [!WebLoginPE? &type=`simple` &liHomeId=`3,4,6,7,8,9,2` &profileTpl=`simpleProfileTpl`!]

          simpleProfileTpl just omitted all but the full name, email, password and password-confirm fields.

          The problem here was that I wasn’t getting any error messages if the passwords were too short or mismatched.
          The error I made was that I missed out the [+wlpe.message+] in the first line of simpleProfileTpl.

          I discovered this by going back to the default $wlpeProfileTpl template:
          [!WebLoginPE? &type=`simple` &liHomeId=`3,4,6,7,8,9,2`!]

          (This is a good way to isolate errors caused by faulty templates, as opposed to bugs in WLPE).

          I then got my error messages, but the message for mismatched password fields was "Your fields do not match. Please try again."

          I had a look at the code in webloginpe.class.php:

          Around about line 859 is the following code block:

          This prints the error message $wlpe_lang[2] from assets/snippets/webloginpe/lang/en.php, but without replacing the "[+000+]" substring.

          This can be sorted by replacing these lines with the following:
          		$error = $this->LanguageArray[2].'<br />';
          		$errorMessage .= str_replace('[+000+]', '"password"', $error);

          Alternatively, you can just comment out the lines within the else block. This will allow the function to continue and the error message will be handled correctly in the next 20 or so lines.

          I also followed the advice above and altered a couple of the buttons by adding the word "simple" to the value string:
          <button type="submit" id="wlpeSaveProfileButton" name="service" value="saveprofilesimple">Save</button>
          <button type="submit" id="wlpeProfileDeleteButton" name="service" value="deleteprofilesimple">Delete My Profile</button>

          Finally, I tried the New Password (confirm) field named both "password.confirm" and "password_confirm", and both worked fine, even though the field value is called as $_POST[’password_confirm’] in webloginpe.class.php.

          Seems to work fine now, fingers crossed...
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            Quote from: Gav at May 26, 2009, 11:23 PM

            I also followed the advice above and altered a couple of the buttons by adding the word "simple" to the value string:
            <button type="submit" id="wlpeSaveProfileButton" name="service" value="saveprofilesimple">Save</button>
            <button type="submit" id="wlpeProfileDeleteButton" name="service" value="deleteprofilesimple">Delete My Profile</button>

            Seems to work fine now, fingers crossed...

            Thanks! Helped me get it working. I also found the way to get these functions working with the default template change the case values (ie. saveprofilesimple = saveprofile) around line 267 in SNIPPET code. I found this (earlier in this post) http://code.google.com/p/webloginpe/issues/detail?id=17#c1: Reported by [email protected], May 09, 2009

            What steps will reproduce the problem?
            1. run snippet in &type=simple mode w/standard templates
            2. go to edit profile in frontend
            3. try to save/delete profile

            What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
            The expected actions. But wheter save nor delete/confirm delete is executed

            What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
            repo-2142 / 1.3.1

            Please provide any additional information below.
            Modify the snippet code at line ~267 to the correct service values
            according to the standard template values:

            Comment 1 by songsfortiredears, Sep 25, 2009

            i repo’d this error in entirety and found the same solution by correcting the same
            service values. However there was also a typo in webloginpe.templates.php at line
            ~141 which does not allow the completion of the delete profile process.

            Change: name="profileDelteForm"
            To: name="profileDeleteForm"
              modx: rev 2.0.8-pl
              localhost: Apache/2.0.63 (Unix) PHP/5.2.11 DAV/2, MySQL client version: 5.1.37
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              Hello everyone,
              i have read the thread but i don't understand how to solve the problem to 'profile' mode.

              I have tried also the source code in http://code.google.com/p/webloginpe/downloads/detail?name=wlpe131_with_instances3.zip&can=2&q="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">google code but the problem still.

              I'm able to register new webuser with customised field, but when the user go to the modify page the button save does nothing :-( No errors is displayed but the phrase is shows: "Your profile has been updated." . It is very frustrating because in reality the profile is not updated.

              I use Modx evo 1.0.6 and WebLoginPE 1.3.1 (i have also tryed the version v1.3.2 Beta 1)

              My register call
              &notifySubject=`NUOVO DOTTORE ` 

              My profile call
              &notifySubject=`MODIFICA DOTTORE ` 

              My profile-template
              <div style="color:red;">[+wlpe.message+]</div>
              <!--<div id="wlpeRegister">--><div class="contactform">
              <form id="wlpeRegisterForm" name="wlpeRegisterForm" action="[~[*id*]~]" method="POST">
              <fieldset id="wlpeRegisterFieldset">
                  <p class="wlpeRegisterInfo">[*intro*]</p>
              <h4>Dati generali</h4>
              <select name="titolo" width="10" value="[+form.titolo+]">
              <option selected="selected" value=""></option>
              <option value="Dr." >Dr.</option>
              <option value="Prof." >Prof.</option>
              * Nome:
                  <input  name="nome" type="text" style="width:105px;" value="[+user.nome+]">
              * Cognome:
              <input  name="cognome" type="text" style="width:105px;" value="[+user.cognome+]">
              <input  name="struttura"  type="text" style="width:99%;" value="[+user.struttura+]">
              <input  name="telefono"  type="text" style="width:150px;" value="[+user.telefono+]">
              <input name="cellulare" type="text" style="width:150px;" value="[+user.cellulare+]">
              * Email:
              <input name="email" type="text" style="width:150px;" value="[+user.email+]">
              * Ripeti email:
              <input name="email.confirm" type="text" style="width:150px;" value="[+user.email+]">
              <input  name="via" type="text" style="width:270px;" value="[+user.via+]">
              N. civico:
              <input name="civico" title="" type="text" value="[+user.civico+]">
              <select name="provincia" value="[+user.provincia+]">									<option selected="selected" value="">Nessuno</option>								<option value="Alessandria" title="">Alessandria</option>								<option value="Ancona" title="">Ancona</option>
              <option value="Aosta" title="">Aosta</option>
              <option value="Arezzo" title="">Arezzo</option>
              <input name="cap" title="" type="text" value="[+user.cap+]">
              <input name="citta" type="text" style="width:85px;" value="[+user.citta+]"></td>
              <h4>Per il medico</h4>
              * Data nascita:
              <input  name="data_nascita" type="text" id="sel3" size="10" value="[+user.data_nascita+]">
              Anno laurea:
              <input name="anno_laurea" title="" type="text" value="[+user.anno_laurea+]">
                  * Tipo attività:
              <select name="attivita" value="[+user.attivita+]">
              <option selected="selected" value="Spec. ambulatoriale" title="">Spec. ambulatoriale</option>
              <option value="Medico di Medicina Generale" title="">Medico di Medicina Generale</option>
              <option value="Ospedaliero" title="">Ospedaliero</option>
              * Spec. 1:
              <select name="specialita_1" value="[+user.specialita_1+]">
              <option selected="selected" value="Agopuntura" title="">Agopuntura</option>
              <option value="Tisiologo pneumologo" title="">Tisiologo pneumologo</option>
              <option value="Urologo" title="">Urologo</option>
              <option value="Vulnologo" title="">Vulnologo</option>
              * Albo della provincia:
              <select name="albo_provincia" value="[+user.albo_provincia+]">								<option value="Lecco" title="">Lecco</option>
              <option value="Livorno" title="">Livorno</option>
              <option value="Lodi" title="">Lodi</option>
              Spec. 2:
              <select name="specialita_2" value="[+user.specialita_2+]">
              <option selected="selected" value=""><Nessuno></option>
              <option value="Idrologia Medica" title="">Idrologia Medica</option>
              <option value="Igienista" title="">Igienista</option>
              <option value="Immunologo" title="">Immunologo</option>
              <option value="Infettivologo" title="">Infettivologo</option>
              * Numero iscriz. albo:
              <input name="numero_albo" title="(Campo obbligatorio)" type="text" style="width:110px;" value="[+user.numero_albo+]">
              <select name="specialita_3" value="[+user.specialita_3+]">
              <option selected="selected" value=""><Nessuno></option>
              <option  value="Agopuntura" title="">Agopuntura</option>
              <option value="Alfa Wassermann" title="">Alfa Wassermann</option>
              Codice omaggio:
              <input name="codice_omaggio" title="" type="text" style="width:140px;" value="[+user.codice_omaggio+]">    
              * Scegli un Username:
                  <input name="username" type="text" style="width:120px;" value="[+user.username+]">
              <fieldset id="wlpeUserProfileButtons">
              <button type="submit" id="wlpeSaveProfileButton" name="service" value="saveprofile">Salva</button>
              <button type="submit" id="wlpeProfileLogoutButton" name="service" value="logout">Logout</button>
              <button type="submit" id="wlpeProfileDeleteButton" name="service" value="deleteprofile">Elimina il mio profilo</button>
              <button type="submit" id="wlpeRegisterCancelButton" name="service" value="cancel">Cancella</button>

              Some ideas?

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                Quote from: betoranaldi at Jan 31, 2008, 07:05 AM
                I finally figured this out... Once I created a custom form I changed the save button's value="saveprofile" to value="saveprofilesimple" and it started working.

                Great, that solve my probleme, is it an old probleme, it's should be fixed in the template or mention somewhere.

                thanks betoranaldi

                p.s. that's a great snippets