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  • You are right. There seems to be something wrong with the installation. We get this error after removing the old package and trying to install 1.5-beta:

    Do you have any idea what could be the problem?
    • This shouldn’t stop the package working, it should still be available under components, what happens if you select it and try and use it?
        Use MODx, or the cat gets it!
      • Unfortunately I am now not able to install the package (revo 2.1.1-pl/traditional). The installation-process hangs up. The last message is: "Console running..."

        • Although I got the response "Console is running..." and it looked like modx hung up, after a simple reload the package appeared as installed very well. Now the janitor works again!

          Thanks a lot for your work. Janitor is a really good tool smiley
          • I have also put the search-function on the first tab again like you described before in another thread.

            Beside this can you please tell me where in the code I can position the cursor automatically in the "string-search-field" on opening the search tab and where I can add a code-line to start the search by just hitting "return" instead of clicking on "Search"? Would be great!

            • Is there a trick to getting Janitor to connect to a database?

              I'm entering what I know are the correct username and passwords but Janitor keeps saying there's a problem logging in.

              Do I have to change localhost, do I have to use any prefixes for the passwords?

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