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  • Janitor is not working anymore after upgrading revo to 2.1.0. Does anybody know if this is a bug or is there a trick to make it working again?
    On searching I get the error: Call to undefined method modX::getFullTableName()
    • I’ve not upgraded Janitor to work with 2.1, its the last package on my list, just finishing off Frontpage at the mo, I’ll get round to this next.
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      • Ok, thank you very much for this information. Because we like the janitor very much and use it everyday it would be "great" if you can make this very important tool work again smiley)))
        • I will, just can’t say when exactly but we should be done by say next weekend. Janitor is a bit easier than the others as I’ll just do a straight 2.1 conversion, with Frontpage for instance I’ve done this and rolled in some issue ticket’s. This takes a bit longer.
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          • Ok. Thanks a lot. As told it is a great and essential help for us smiley
            • +1 on the thanks shamblett for a great extra and your work!!!
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              • If you tell us what has to be done to update the janitor for revo 2.1 we might do this for you. Is this feasible or is the janitor-code too complex for somebody who didn´t wrote the code?

                Thanks again for this very useful tool...

                • Its been done, I released it a few weeks ago, you should see an upgrade available in you package management window.
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                  • Hi Shamblett,

                    on our system 1.4-beta is not working yet. On opening the Janitor we get the error: Processor not found: logs/maillogstatus

                    Doing a search results in: Fatal error: Call to undefined method modX::getFullTableName() in /components/janitor/docfinder/functions.php on line 514

                    Don´t you have these problems on your modx-installation, too?
                    • This sounds as though the update hasn’t worked, try force removing(not uninstall) Janitor and re-installing it from scratch.
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