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    My facts:
    from modx system info:

    Versions-Codename rev 4565
    database-Version: 5.0.45-log
    database-Charset utf8
    database-Collation-Charset utf8_unicode_ci

    from phpInfo
    Client API version 5.0.32

    So i have to always sort the menue after loggin in.

    Same problem with fresh installed Version with same configs of modX . So I guess its Server related, as you already told.
    Tanks for help.
    • Quote from: Mike at Mar 24, 2009, 10:34 PM

      So i have to always sort the menue after loggin in.
      I think you are describing a different problem. Are you saying it doesn’t remember your sort preferences, but sorts fine when you change it? That is not the same problem being discussed in this thread.
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        Yes your’re right. Sorry. I didn’t read the threads above exactly.

        But if your’re interested. I’m sure it’s a Server related Problem (probably MYSQL).
        Because I got two different modX-installations on same server.
        The new, set up two weeks ago; and the old one (, which is about a half year old.
        Both Databases are set to UTF-8 1year ago...

        at least
        I got the sorting problem, when I have german Umlauts ä,ö,ü in title, etc. Same Trouble with Manager users having Umlauts in name (cant login).

        Now that’s all and I’ll stop "being" offtopic in this thread ;-)
        thx & bye