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  • Re: SET NAMES, be aware that MODx now uses SET CHARACTER SET (not SET NAMES) so that you will always be using the proper character set for the database you are connected to (i.e. SET CHARACTER SET will use the database_collation regardless of what you specify as the charset value).

    In other words, you can’t override the database charset/collation -- you must set database_connection_charset to match your database to get the proper results.
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      guys, i solved my problem thanks to your quick answers and http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,4422.msg32209.html#msg32209!

      the problem really was with mysql and wrong charset.. now as the topic specifies i changed a little bit manager’s sources and voilà - i can save Ĉ correctly! of course i got all my russian pages screwed as they wasn’t really saved in utf-8, i have to retype and resave them smiley but that’s the price i’m glad to pay for correct utf-8 database rolleyes

      thank you all very much!! modx is the best! smiley