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  • Quote from: chinesedream at Jan 22, 2008, 02:58 AM

    Quote from: rthrash at Jan 22, 2008, 02:31 AM

    If you figure out Textmates subversion usage please let me know ... I am a huge fan of textmate and am registered user (serial number) #1331.

    Sorry, so far I only figure how the ’checkout’ works. I selected it, and it asks for URL, so I enter: "http://svn.modxcms.com/svn/tattoo/tattoo/branches/0.9.7/" thus I was able to export. I think I maybe able to figure the "Diff" and ’revert’ if there is a new update from 0.9.7 branches as they seems quite self-explanatory.

    Yes, everything I discover something new from Textmate, I am liking it more smiley

    My serial is #1436 smiley.

    Just to give perhaps perhaps a clearer understanding of version control terminology (assuming that I understand it wink ):

    • "Checkout" assumes that you will be making local copies of files in the repository, working on them, then "committing" the changes back to the repository to be available to others. Since most of us only have read-only access to the repository, the "commit" part is theoretical.

    • "Export" is a different process which assumes that you want to make copies of the files but without the intention of editing them and committing the changes.
    • "Update" allows you to accept the changes to the repository made by others (after you checked your copy out) into your current working copy.
    • "Merge" lets you merge two separate sets of changes together (usually assuming that various people were working on different parts of the file(s) so there are no conflicts).

    There’s a good online book about using SVN in general here: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/ The examples are for a command line version but the concepts of version control with SVN are relevant to any client.

    This page has particularly good stuff on the meaning and process of checking out, committing, and updating: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.1/ch02s03.html

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    • The red bean book is great indeed, though I love my SVN X right now (and avoid the command line if at all possible until I need to run the occasional resolve command...). Just hoping that Textmate will let me checkout (work locally), merge, switch and commit.
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