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  • GistX available in all major domain forms

    Gist means according to the dictionary:
    1) The central idea; the essence. See Synonyms: substance (also content [sic]).
    2) Law. The grounds for action in a suit

    Is ModX not the essence or substance of many a website?

    I like that, instant slogan...

    "GistX -> get the Gist of it...and more"
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      :D Hey we're getting some really good ideas flowing laugh
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        Sorry to disrupt the creative process going on here (thought the name was not debated anymore, did I miss something ?), but I had some things to answer to eko40’s post smiley

        eko40, no way your thought are ramblings... or we ramble the same path !

        You must be reading my mind ! Today I’ve started writing something about segmenting into subgroups, not finished yet but I had titled it "Let’s fine tune MODx targets and markets". I have put a lot of thought in this and I am eager to share my ideas with you since you seem to have a pretty good take on things smiley I’ll try to speed up and post this quickly.

        I share your point of view about the experienced target bit, and the contradiction (or at least apparent one, you’ll see when I post my thing) between ease of use vs experienced target is something that came up recently, and French Frog gave us some feedback about why he drops MODx (sorry, it’s in french) which is quite enlightening in this respect.

        Quote from: eko40 at Apr 02, 2005, 09:02 AM
        (...) However as mentioned before, and one thing that currently creates confusion with etomite, what is the product and who is it meant for. It becomes apparent from a discussion I had with etomite that the latter is more a product for experienced programmers even though the information about it on its website is talking about its ease of use and thus attracts people like me.

        It’s not good enough just to state Web-Developers or Programmers. It would be useful to explain in very precise terms who would benefit from ModX and probably segment it into sub-groups. The name in this case will follow function and probably be full of "energy". Just my rambling thoughts on this.
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