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  • Boy is that a great site :!:

    I wish I had the cash to hire these guys :cry:
      Tangent-Warrior smiley
    • Anyone have any idea how much they charge?
      • I read one of their old articles that had the name jamcracker in it.

        Pretty funny how some women reacted to that name :lol:
        Can any ladies fill us guys in on this one?

        I think the article mentioned something like US$65K

        hmmmmmm I don't think paypal donations can fill that requirement.
        However, the article did mention that they would be willing to name a GM car if it was interesting enough experience for them. (errr, I was skimming pretty fast through the article though.)

        Now, IF MODx ever gets anywhere near to what I am imagining it to be I wonder if they wouldn't consider taking on a opensource project out of charity, goodwill and advertising exchange.

        I vote Ryan to be the one prop them on this one :idea:
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        • I think that Igor describes a clear process about brandname propositions. Brand development and positioning walk hand in hand. The first important step in this process is to decide what ModX exactly will be and who it will be targeted at. The more precise the knowledge about the product and thee different target audiences the easier it will be to associate a name to it, whcih usually results from organised brain-stroming sessions which could include guidelines as provided by Igor. Many marking people like to associate products, e.g. how would you descibe ModX if it were a drink, an animal, a colour, a tree, a building, a season, your mood, etc. Then in addition to Igor's list you should still consider position further and look if the name should be internationally understood, should English be used, etc.

          However as mentioned before, and one thing that currently creates confusion with etomite, what is the product and who is it meant for. It becomes apparent from a discussion I had with etomite that the latter is more a product for experienced programmers even though the information about it on its website is talking about its ease of use and thus attracts people like me. It's not good enough just to state Web-Developers or Programmers. It would be useful to explain in very precise terms who would benefit from ModX and probably segment it into sub-groups. The name in this case will follow function and probably be full of "energy". I earlier proposed sitesystemX as the current etomite is more a site management than a content management system but if we had a more concrete user in mind then we could focus on the interests of these users whcih opens up a lot of venues for naming a product such as Modx.

          Just my rambling thoughts on this.
          • To be honest the name etomite never really caught on with me. It sounds like vegemite :wink:

            Thanks for the great comments.

            I have learned alot since joining this forum and glad that Ryan invited me over.

            Thank you ALL :!:
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            • You are most welcome Carsten,

              Thanks for kind words for our forums,

              Wish you best of luck,


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              • If it were compared to a "drink" we could use

                sitecola (com, org and net are available)

                When compared to autosports: WikiPedia states "In auto sport, the PITS is the part of a race track where pit stops are conducted". The following could be used.

                SitePits or WebPits (com, org and net are available)
                (also available websitepitstop and onsitepitstop but both are too long)

                When comparing to moods and appearances:

                Siteglow (com, org and net are available)

                When comparing to "materials" then e.g.

                SiteDust (com, org and net are available)
                • This is a great reference! My partner has been agonizing for months over a name for a web-design business. This link will make him very happy. cool
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                  • I haven't finished much more in Igor.

                    But I think the idea behind asking alternative questions is to get the customer to think in non-hampered ways to discribe what they want named.

                    So eko40 I guess you are suggesting:
                    site+(word) ?

                    I like the words that you came up with!

                    cola, pits, glow, dust

                    Let's keep the words flowing!
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                    • GistX available in all major domain forms

                      Gist means according to the dictionary:
                      1) The central idea; the essence. See Synonyms: substance (also content [sic]).
                      2) Law. The grounds for action in a suit

                      Is ModX not the essence or substance of many a website?