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    chiropractormarketing Reply #21, 13 years, 5 months ago
    You crack me up. I am actually an architect, and I left the profession in 1988... for the exact reasons you mention in your post. Ihave never looked back. And although I have a fool for client (myself) at least I am not taken for a ride, like I was when I was an architect.

    Loved laughing with you there...
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      grin Really Good and absolutely true.
      They don’t know how hard it is when they can’t make up their mind to what they really want and then blame you for their own bad ideas haha. haha
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        awesome. thanks for sharing this
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          well- it requires major technical skills & some of the important trends in designing.
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            That’s really funny grin. Very good sense of humor. I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks
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              Yes enough knowledge of what you do is very important. You can really impart your knowledge in something if you love what you do.

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