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    Thank you very much for all appreciation and kind comments ! smiley

    Enjoy your stay with us laugh

    I’ll pm you the email address... and thanks for cool offer !

    Best wishes and warm regards,

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      I wrote a page which stresses a little more the main message of the first page of the new website: what MODx can do for different categories of users.

      In fact I believe that most "non-techies" don’t even imagine what a CMS is, and what it can do for them; while most "techies" think that all CMS’s are rigid community-oriented slow buggy things (which was quite true... before Etomite and MODx, of course laugh)

      I attach my document; if you like it, improve my English and do whatever you want of it wink

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        Many thanks for the document Commodore64. It’s get for those who are asking "Is MODx right for me?"

        Best regards,

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        • Wow!



          Seriously. That’s brilliant. Wonderful. And spot on.

          The only thing missing is "I am a hard-core developer" but I can manage to craft that one wink

          Great insight, and thank you for that. Tremendous. Bravo. You have made my job much easier. smiley

          update: note to self... don’t post when you’re so tired... Thanks Luca!!!
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            The new site is excellant!!!