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  • Quote from: nos at Jan 23, 2008, 10:12 AM

    First the switching through the months does not work for me. Has it to do with friendly URLs? for in the resulting html (?mo=12&yr=2007) there is no page given but on your example page (/Calendar.html?mo=11&yr=2007)
    SOLVED --- fetched the resp. Code from Calx

    Hi I’m having the same problem switching through the months, but I don’t understand how you solved it. I hope you could be more specific and give a detailed description of how you accomplished that (please...).

    And I have one more question. I use the standard mode (the enhanced was to big, and also not working) but the days that are highlighted (were the events are) don’t link to the corresponding child document. I mean their intro can be seen when I am on that day with the mouse but I can’t click and get to an other page.

    this is the call I use at the page with the calender

    [!kalender? &parent=`3` &mode=`standard` &showInfo=`intro`!]
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    • I am running a WAMP installation, Apache 2, PHP 5.0, MySQL 5.1.

      I installed Kalendar Enhanced according to the instructions. I added the TVs to the templates which would collect the event item.
      There are currently two items in the folder which holds events, both of which have a value for Start and End times.
      I also have a pub_date for the event.

      This is my snippet call:

       [!Kalender? &parent=`3`!]

      This is the error message I receive:

      Error: 	strtotime() [function.strtotime]: Called with an empty time parameter.	 
        Error type/ Nr.: 	Warning - 2	 
        File: 	C:\sokkit\site\home\manager\includes\tmplvars.format.inc.php	 
        Line: 	245	 
        Line 245 source: 	$timestamp = strtotime($value);
      • When I changed the TV widget from ’Unixtime’ to ’DatePicker’, the error stopped. However, the events don’t show up in the calendar.

        • @xrisanthi
          I guess you don’t use friendly URLs.
          For this case I hacked the Kalender Enhanced script somewhat in lines 88 and 100: commented out
          "// $url_prefix = $_SERVER[’REDIRECT_URL’]."?";" and included
          $url_prefix = "index.php?id=" . $idDocSource."&";"

          the right parameters are date in the type line and unixtime in the object line. Be sure to set the parameter template

          hope it helps
          • Quote from: nos at Feb 04, 2008, 08:33 AM

            I guess you don’t use friendly URLs.
            For this case I hacked the Kalender Enhanced script somewhat in lines 88 and 100: commented out
            "// $url_prefix = $_SERVER[’REDIRECT_URL’]."?";" and included
            $url_prefix = "index.php?id=" . $idDocSource."&";"

            hope it helps

            Your my HERO! It works very good! This should be in the read me text of the snippet.
            One more thing though, when I click on the day that has an event it doesn’t redirect me to the page where the complete event is.
              * Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty
            • hi,

              the jump function on bottom right of the kalender does not work propperly, especially bad with ie (mouseover js error).

              edit: SOLVED - simply remove this "onMouseOut=".$td_out."" in line 557 now
              $html_jump .= "<td class=\’".$td_class."\’ align=\’left\’ onMouseOver=".$td_over." >";

              Though it’s a great work, thank you for sharing.
              • How hard would adding support for multiple parents for the "parent" parameter be (I guess it would be called "parents"), I had a 5 min look at ripping it from Ditto but it was a bit above my head really.

                Also, this seemed to be one of the better calendar options around for MODx (except for the overLib "dependancy") but does anyone recommend another over Kalendar?
                • I’ve just installed the Snippet.
                  Can anyone suggest why this MODx parse error occurs?>

                  i.e looks as if the path to themes.php has been garbled to ssetssnippets/kalender/etc instead of assets/snippets/kalender/etc

                  PHP error debug
                  Error: main(ssetssnippets/kalender/themes/gold_enhanced/theme.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
                  Error type/ Nr.: Warning - 2
                  File: /htdocs/assets/snippets/kalender/kalender_enhanced.php
                  Line: 100
                  Line 100 source: include($includePath."theme.php");
                  • I’ve done an Kalendar Enhanced install with the MultiFlex theme, and there appears to be some layout incompatibilities. I’ve modified MF for an 800 wide display and was planning on doing the same for KE, but I’m not getting that far.


                    Here’s one example: From what I can see with FireBug, the width attribute of .kalender-menu in theme.css is being overridden by the width attribute of .content in mf54_content_nosidebar_800.css.

                    However, I thought <table class="kalender-menu"...> was supposed to override the surrounding <div class="content">.

                    The event on the 3rd is not showing, even though it and it’s overlib code is there in the html source of the table and the cell turns grey on mouseover. There might be more problems, but I can’t tell.

                    Can anyone suggest what the problem is? I suspect CSS inheritance and precedence, but I don’t know enough to be sure, let alone fix it.

                    Cheers, glen.
                    • I’m stumped. Can’t get it to work. Have tried on two different web sites running ModX and

                      Using the snippet call:

                      [!Kalender? &parent=`24` &mode=`standard` &showInfo=`intro`!] which is on page ID=24 with an event as a child document with StartTime set.

                      It’s installed on LAMP

                      Pages are appearing blank.
                        Mostly harmless.