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  • ummm, I totally agree with the spirit of things here and really think that we can set an exemplatory (speeeling?) example here.

    However, a post above just sent some shivers through me. censorship.

    I don’t want to start anything up about this topic but maybe it’s time that a policy is put in place (at least thought out thoroughly with a majority "democratic" agreement) in regards to the forums.

    - or -

    I’ve always believed that people are good but yet at times slip up and sputter something out that without realizing came across not as they expected. I, meyself, am a pretty good example of foot -in-mouth routines. In addition, I think that we can just pretty much set an example a "lead" those who may have blubbed intentionally or not shouldn’t be really considered since that is passing judgement and will more than likely cause resentment rather than atonement.

    Although, this sounds all so love-a-dub and starry eyed I still think that this softer approach would show not just good human sensitivity but also good business sense.

    @ I shall step down from the pulpit now laugh
      Tangent-Warrior smiley
    • I think that the point made earlier to express yourself with supporting evidence, leaving interpretaitons open to the message receiver will help avoid flame wars while at the same time provide the liberty to express yourself. Somethings can better be said in a pub rather than recorded on a forum.