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  • Small update https://evo.im to new style, but its only cuted home page.
      http://modx.im - Russian community
      http://extras.evolution-cms.com - Repository for Evolution
    • @neoziox

      So far as I am aware you have been using Evo for quite some time, so I can well imagine you can help others with their questions about snippet use etc.

      You don't need to know how to use GitHub to use Evo and or to help others with their questions. Getting an account at GitHub is not rocket science, requesting help and or answering questions in GitHub in English is not a problem.

      If you are not a programmer, so be it, i'm not either, but I help where I can with tutorials or answering questions (if and when I know an answer) and I write it all in English.

      I created the Evo documentation website because at the time there was information all over the place, not all in one place, the information is an amalgamation of all docs that were at the time available, updated and including images.

      The docs site now also has new tutorials in it, from myself and other community members (not only native English speakers), all written in English and mainly from non-programmers.

      So your comment ref "shut up my mouth", is absolute childish and not called for [ed. note: iusemodx last edited this post 2 years, 11 months ago.]
      • @iusemodx

        I didn't want to be rude. So I apologize.

        I just said that if the main contributors put aside English, it will be more difficult for us to use Evo daily (even with Google Translate and even to think about changing CMS :'().

        I was just trying to express (awkwardly) this fear of gradually losing the English-speaking community.

        I have a lot of respect for those who, sometimes voluntarily, make available their knowledge or make Evo evolve, that's why I say thank you for the site evolution-docs.com which is really (really) a big help.
        • If a couple English language users (or Russian lang as well) could begin to cover the gap it could be beneficial and profitable. maybe Russian language extra developers could pay a reasonable fee for EN documentation or support