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    I'm sure that some of you use responsive design to make websites that are compatible for computers and mobile devices.

    I believe that separate versions based on different templates allow better optimization but that it's better to use a unique database, the same manager and the same assets (especially for assets/files), so that one doesn't have to do the work twice when editing a website.

    There is a plugin named TemplateSwitcher, which is now 10 years old, and based on some parameter in the URL or cookies, although I'm not totally sure about this as I did not test it.

    I'm surprised that the approach of hacking the core of MODx to add a second template drop list does not seem having been considered.

    I wonder:
    - If some of you would be interested by such feature in the next releases of MODx Evo
    - How could we automatically use the mobile template if the subdomain is "m."
    and to the normal template if the subdomain is "www.". For implementation, my idea is to use one table to store standard templates and another one for mobile templates.