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  • All websites are already responsive, except discuss. This is a serious problem. I`m not a sass specialist.
    I hope this problem has already been solved.

    • Hi, unfortunately I don't think there is an easy solution to this issue. What I did was change some of the Sass and made a new css file that way (with Compass), actually the Sass isn't too bad if you don't want to go crazy changing everything haha.

      The theme is responsive, though, isn't it?

      I focused on changing colors and didn't try to change too much else, changing colors is very easy and i did change some little things like margins in some places. The Sass is not too hard to deal with, again if your goals are reasonable.

      What are you trying to do? Its just very hard to implement a new design because you need to know all the variables and terms used in Discuss...it was more than i could deal with.

      Pls let me know what you want to do, I might be able to help. wrapper.tpl is your main forum page and you can customize a lot of stuff there as well.
      • Hi,
        first of all thanks a lot for being interested.
        As i mentioned above, i'm definitely a newbie in the context of sass.
        I think the biggest problem are all header sections.

        I don't know if this is of interest for you, i able to fix the installation problem.

        • Yes I try to support Discuss, thanks for that solution, its helpful. I picked up Discuss over a year ago and benefited from some early adopters, so now its my turn.

          I can help with those headers, you can do a lot with them although not maybe everything. I have been through the related files many times.

          What do you want to do with them?
          • Hi,
            only show them on a smart phone like Samsung S4 (360 x 640)

            • Ok so for all those headers in the pic, you just want them to disappear except on the phone, is it right? Pls note some of them contain contents, like the title of a category is in the header. However this contents is also in a couple other places so maybe its not needed.

              To do this you could add several lines to the end of the relevant css file. Later css overrides or allows additional specification. Its hard to go through that complex css file, but we don't have to because we know there are no media queries. Media queries at the end should be fine to hide these toolbars.

              Discuss applies style through naming <div> sections in a bootstrap-like way (sorry can't be more clear about that), meaning div classes with multiple parts to the name.

              So for instance the title of a category is listed in my dev tools as class=m-section-title and the bbtool buttons are class=toolbar-btns group

              So, for those two, try this:

              @media (min-device-width: 640px) {div.m-section-title div.toolbar-btns:display:none;}

              The file you need to edit is in assets/components/discuss/theme/default/redo/forum-styles.css

              Hmm but i just tested and it didn't seem to work. Looking into it now, seems my code is a bit faulty.

              I am trying something like this:
              @media (max-device-width: 640px) {div.toolbar-btns

              I also see a selector for wysi-buttons, not sure how to target this element yet.
              [ed. note: nuan88 last edited this post 5 years, 7 months ago.]
              • Hi, any luck with this? I found this old pic, it identifies the tpl involved with the title, maybe it can help?
                • Hi, I forgot about this old thread. In my testing, it was hard to hide the parts you wanted by css, did you find a solution for this?