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    Hey everyone!

    I'm pretty new to MODx, especially to multilangual part, sorry for the newbish qustion.

    I've installed Babel, everything works perfectly except one thing - when I switch to another context, my menu links do not change, they are the same. It's very frustrating, as I've tried nearly everything that was in google, now I hope I can find help here.

    My current menu snippet call looks like this:

    [[!getResources? &parents=`[[++site_start]]` &limit=`5` &tpl=`menu_tpl`]]

    site_start is a context setting, that indicates parent ID for the context, as it described in tutorials.

    I've tried [[++parents]] for &parents, and also I've tried:

    [[!getResources? &parents=`[[BabelTranslation? &contextKey=`[[++cultureKey]]`]]` &limit=`5` &tpl=`menu_tpl`]]

    Nothing helps. For example, I've made a doc called "test", and it's english version "testen". When I'm on the main page of the site and switch to English context, everything changes to English language, even the menu title changes from "test" to "testen", but when I click on the link it still leads to test.html, not en/test.html

    I'm using nginx, if's important.

    This question has been answered by roilen. See the first response.

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      Oh, this forum is already helping smiley

      I've found a solution minutes later I've posted this.

      I case anyone is also so newbish, as I am, just add to your "menu_tpl" this:

      <a href="[[++cultureKey]]/[[~[[+id]]]]">