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    I want to build a OnePag-Site.

    I stuck al litte bit with the navigation and Wayfinder

    Every party of the Site is a singe resource in the tree. Inside the Template there are
    section with specific IDs and wit getResorces the resource will be associated to the specific sections.

    How do I the navigation with way finder. I want a output like this:
    	<ul id="topnav">
    					<li><a href="#" onclick="$('#start').animatescroll();">Home</a></li>
    					<li><a href="#" onclick="$('#about').animatescroll();">About</a></li>
    					<li><a href="#" onclick="$('#book').animatescroll();">The Book</a></li>
    					<li><a href="#" onclick="$('#read').animatescroll();">Read</a></li>
    • Use the rowTpl along with placeholders to create the links:
      <li [[+wf.classes]]><a href="#" onclick="$('#[[+wf.alias]]').animatescroll();">[[+wf.linktext]]</a></li>

      This is presuming that your getResources tpl is using the resource's alias to generate its ID attribute as the target (id="[[+alias]]")
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