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    I optimised my images and converted them into WebP - please see these two links about more info:



    It seems to improve page speed significantly.

    However, I have a template-variable IMAGE [*blogpost-image*] defined.
    Now with this webp extension (= Chrome HTML document), I cannot open the IMAGES directory and add the images to my resource docs. I tried changing the input type to URL and also to FILE for my "images.webp", but none seems to work.

    How can I get my images.webp on front-end with a template variable?
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      So far i have not used images in .webp format, but I did a test to try to help you.

      Good news: To allow the loading webp images in MODx Evo you need to go to Manager > Tools > Configuration > File Manager > Uploadable Image Types and add .webp extension to the list of image types:

      webp image using an image TV:

      bad news: thumbnails in file manager and phpthumb does not seem to work

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