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  • Hello everyone.

    We are a town council running official website using MODx. Some council members expressed their wish to have a separate section on the website to list the requests they address to various agencies and persons to solve problems raised by their voters so that they could be viewed publically at any time. In view of this, we are looking for a module that will allow to have a separate page on our website with a table/list of such documents including their sequential number, the name of the document, council member's name thatg submitted it, ref. number, person or agency addressed and the current status of the document (e.g. in progress, solution found, solved, etc.) We will greatly appreciate it if you could suggest a module or some modules meeting these requirements.

    Best regards,
    Town Council Member
    • I would use MIGXdb. Something like this https://www.irco.org/who-we-are/careers.html

      MIGXdb uses a custom database table to hold the data, and the MIGXdb TV provides the entry and management of the items. MIGX comes with a number of listing snippets that are useful for generating the output.

      I used Mozilla's pdf.js to provide a viewer for PDF files.
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      • Quote from: sottwell at Jan 05, 2016, 07:29 PM
        I would use MIGXdb.

        Thank you very much. I'll have a look at it.