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    My site stopped to work with PHP 5.5 after update from PHP 5.3

    The error is
    PHP error debug
    Error: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead
    Error type/ Nr.: - 8192
    File: /home/4/u/ulsrud/www/manager/includes/extenders/dbapi.mysql.class.inc.php

    I need to updagrade, but now sure what version I should upgrade to?

    Can I upgrade right to 1.0.15?
    Or I should take every version from 1.0.6 to 1.0.15 version to version?

    I don't want to take an unnecessary risk.
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      You can upgrade straight to the latest version = 1.0.15
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        you might also want to consider moving to Revo, although there is no upgrade path, there are tools out there that can help you on your way.

        Evo is IMHO pretty much dead from a development point of view now, unless you are part of the Russian community

        You may want to take a look at BobRays GoRevo - the tool is not all singing and all dancing - it does not do all of the work for you, but it can help hugely with transfering your site from Evo to Revo