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  • discuss.answer
    thx again for your investigation.
    I've solved my problem without code changes. smiley

    I now know how to add a permission set to a user group.
    That's the solution.

    Access Control List ( you will find it down below your settings drop down)

    • User Groups
    • Roles
    • Access policies
    • Policy Templates
    Access Policies -> define new policy based on the discuss member policy ( here you will find the attachment_read...)
    named it Discuss Visitor policy, change back to groups -> update anonymous -> select context -> add new context (see attachement)
    I did not know that it is possible to add the same context twice with different access rights.
    ok once again, thx
    Where have you posted the "social" stuff smiley ..
    • Wow great! And you found a much better way than I could have! A proper way, i should say, rather than hacking at stuff

      Ah, those social buttons, hold on haha