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    I have came across a very weird issue when using YAMS. So I have set up everything according to YAMS Documentation and recommendations and everything works great so far. However I have noticed that if you try to put a lot of content in the content section of a multilingual template, it does not save the whole text but cuts it out on certain point. In my case I have a doc file which contains 7201 words and when I try to put all that content in my content section of my desired resource, modx custs out the content somewhere around 5366 words or 246 lines of html (if I am looking at the source of the content area). If try to put the same content in a monolingual template (which does not use YAMS) everything works as expected. The same happens if I put the content in the content area of the General Tab in my resource.
    Do someone have an idea what might causing this content limitation and eventually how to fix it?

    I am using shared hosting and Modx Evo 1.0.15 version and the version of YAMS is 1.1.9.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards!
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      I think its a database problem. Yams is storing the contents for each language in a template variable. The content of TV in database is defined as TEXT (max 64 KB). Normal content in database is MEDIUMTEXT (max 16 MB).