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  • Hello,

    I'm really new to MODX and tried to build up categories for the articles.
    I installed Taxonomy and I created terms under the part "Category". I also created articles which are "member" of the terms.
    Going back to one term and looking at the Tab "Pages" I can see two pages which are "member" of this Term.
    But if I try to take a look of the members with this code, nothing happens:


    This code is implemented at every term as "Content". I get the pagetitle and nothing else.
    I don't know what is wrong. There are no erros on the server and everything seems be normal. Nothing special in the logfiles.
    I hope anyone can help me.

    • I made a mistake. There is the following error message in the logfile:

      No class specified for loadClass

      Does anybody know what this means?
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