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    Hi guys, i've a freshly installed modx 2.4.1 with quip 2.3.3. Quip is working so far, i can add new comments, the email notification works, but in the manager i cannot see the threads nor the comments, the table is blank (table header is visible). Things i have done already:

    1) checked my page with bobrays sitecheck 1.0.6 (no errors found)
    2) checked the mysql tables, records for threads and comments are in there
    3) clearing cache in modx manager, doesnt change anything
    4) clearing cache in my browser (newest Firefox 41.0.1), doesnt change anything
    5) removed quip within the installer, removed the transport package, deleted all quip tables and installed it freshly, no success, same behavior

    The strange thing is: i've installed the modx extra collections and i have exactly the same problem with it. All went fine but i cannot see anything in the tab "Children".

    My last idea was the php version running on the server, firstly it was running php 5.4.42 with mysql 5.5.43. After a quick exchange my hoster moved my page to a newer server with php 5.6.10 and mysql 5.6.24. And surprise: nothing changed. Whats wrong here? :-(

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      I finally found the problem and solved it: i opened up the manager with google chrome and in the console there were much errors, and many wrong pathes to various non existing css and js files. The wrong path is caused by a missing trailing slash in front of the assets url in the file "config.inc.php". If there is no trailing slash, it uses the non existing path /manager/assets/components/... in the manager

      Now everything is working!