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    The e2g snippets outputs URLs of pagination links like this example:

    I want to remove the last part of the URL, i.e. the anchor (e.g. "#1_13") for some website.

    This parameter seem being named the permalink.
    The only place where I could found the URL being composed was in includes/models/e2g.snippet.class.php.

    So, I tried to remove
    . '#' . $permalink
    at every location that I could find in e2g.snippet.class.php, uploaded it, cleared server and browser cache and refreshed the page. But the "#1_13" was not removed.
    How can I remmove this permalink?

    N.B.: I removed the [+easy2:permalink+] placeholder in the template gallery.htm, so that the target anchor is no more in the page. However, the parameter in the URL remains and is useless in my case.