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    Got a members register form working nicely, it requires validation, so upon successful registration, the user is sent an email to confirm their registration... this all works fine... When the user clicks on the confirm registration link, it loads the right page with a long string of random characters following the page name, but then nothing... no re-direct to the confirmed page, nothing, user is not activated in the MODx Managers Users section either... Something a miss somewhere... Any ideas?

    Register code is:

    [[!Register? &submitVar=`registerbtn` &activation=`1` &activationResourceId=`72` &activationEmailTpl=`lgnActivateEmailTpl` &activationEmailSubject=`Thanks for Registering!` &submittedResourceId=`71` &usergroups=`MEMBERS` &validate=`nospam:blank, username:required:minLength=^6^, password:required:minLength=^6^, password_confirm:password_confirm=^password^, firstname:required, surname:required, email:required:email,  phone:required, addressline1:required, addressline2:required, county:required, postcode:required, workregion:required, schoolingphase:required, subjectsoffered:required, cvdoc:required` &placeholderPrefix=`reg.` ]]

    Confirm code is:

    [[!ConfirmRegister &redirectTo=`74` &authenticate=`1` &errorPage=`67`]]