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    When I create an new gallery in Easy 2 Gallery, it always become a child of the "Easy 2" root folder. Trying to get rid of this, I edited the easy2_dirs table as follow:
    • deleted the "Easy 2" record
    • set the "parent_id" to 0 for galleries
    • set the "cat_level" to 1 for galleries
    • set the "cat_id" to 1,2,3 for my galleries

    This worked for the galleries with cat_id 2 and 3.

    However, when I try to access the gallery with cat_id=1, I encounter the following issues:
    • instead of the content of the gallery, the list of gallery folders is diplayed
    • when later clicking on the first gallery name, the path is displayed as "Gallery_1/Gallery_1" (instead of "Gallery_1") and the usual buttons of the "Actions" column are missing

    So, the gallery with the smallest id behaves more or less like if it was the root gallery.

    Is there a way to modify the source code to get rid of this?