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  • Hi all,
    My apologies if this has been discussed , I did do a keyword search first.
    I've been googling and googling about how to get images responsive in modx through tinyMCE so users can upload their own images (if they need too) and and they will be responsive and not fixed width.

    I think the solution may be a plugin for TinyMCE but I couldn't work out through the documentation how to install tinyMCE plugins. I also saw on TinyMCE website documentation on how to remove width and height from images bit I couldn't find where the code was for that.

    Or is there another editor package I can install that will allow this other than TinyMCE?

    Thanks all for your help.

    P.s. I am looking for a solution where user can insert own images in text editor or even possibly through a TV but RTE is preferable.
    • In TinyMCE it is very simple, half a line of code!

      Please specify what Extra you are using to access TinyMCE.

      This is the code
      valid_elements: "img[src|class|id]"

      This forces all image elements to have no more than these three specified attributes, and in that order.
      The pernicious Width and Height attributes are immediately tossed into the bin thus making your image so-called responsive.

      See http://forums.modx.com/thread/97987/issue-with-absolute-paths#dis-post-529936 where to put this code if it applies to you
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